The iHealth Ease Blood Pressure Monitor is full-featured and FDA-approved

iHealth Lab’s iHealth Ease Blood Pressure Monitor is a full-featured, FDA-approved blood pressure testing device that can be lifesaver for some folks. 

With its app features and free, unlimited data storage, the $39.99 iHealth Ease makes advanced monitoring technology available to consumers for tracking and managing high blood pressure—one of the early indicators of cardiovascular disease (something that, unfortunately, runs rampant on my dad’s side of the family). The iHealth Ease is a blood pressure monitor and cuff solution controlled by MyVitals, iHealth's free app that’s available for smartphones and tablets in the Apple App and Google Play app stores. 

The iHeath Ease is a breeze to use. Place your iPhone on the monitor, apply the cuff, and get your measurements instantly using the MyVitals app. You can track your trends over time and share results from your touchscreen. The app also detects irregular heartbeats. 

The iHealth Ease features a "Triple Check" option. It measures blood pressure three times and then averages the results to deliver a baseline reading accurate to within three percent for pressure and five percent for pulse. 

The iHealth Blood Pressure Dock is available in three different cuff sizes, which fits arm circumferences ranging from 8.6 inches to 18.9 inches. However, it’s designed for adults and shouldn’t be used on infants, young children, pregnant or pre-eclamptic patients.

Your data is transferred via Bluetooth to your iHealth account with free HIPAA-compliant data storage space. You can analyze and chart your data using MyVitals, and share this information with a doctor or caregiver.

The iHealth Blood Pressure dock has obtained CE medical certification (Europe) as well as FDA approval (USA). The dock also has obtained ESH Certification (European Society of Hypertension).