Satechi Ventie Adjustable Car Mount keeps your iPhone secure while driving: An Apple World Today Top Pick


I see a lot of iPhone car mounts here at Apple World Today, but the new Satechi Ventie Adjustable Car Mount (US$19.99, affiliate link) is without a doubt the best mount I've seen this year. Read on and see why it's an Apple World Today Top Pick for 2015.


The Ventie has a decidedly different design. It uses a special "hook" that connects to a knob with a screw; you run the hook around the back of one of the vanes in the car vent, and then tighten the mount into place by turning the knob. 

The iPhone -- and the Ventie fits up to an iPhone 6s Plus with ease -- sits in the usual spring-loaded rubber grip, but in this case it's on the end of an arm that can be rotated around to give the driver or (even better) passenger a clear look at the screen.


That's quite a bit different from the usual car vent mounts we see, which usually just poke into the vent and have a tendency to fall out if you happen to hit a good bump in the road. There aren't that many that adjust easily, either.


Functionality-wise, the Ventie kicks every other car mount I've had to the curb. It's easy to install, but unlike other car mounts you know that the Ventie and your iPhone are going to stay in one place. I found the rotating arm and ball joint to be quite stiff, so that even on rough roads the iPhone didn't wobble or move out of place. 

Image via Satechi

Image via Satechi

The locking hook is a brilliant idea and one that I wish a lot more accessory manufacturers would look at. Knowing that my expensive hardware isn't going to go crashing to the floor mat when I hit a bump is a good enough reason to recommend this mount to others.

What I can't quite put my head around is how Satechi sells the Ventie for just twenty bucks. Some similar -- but not quite as easy to install or use -- car mounts have sold for double that price, so the Ventie is a bargain as well.


Great price, secure locking, and easy adjustability make the Satechi Ventie Adjustable Car Mount not only a five-star iPhone accessory, but an Apple World Today Top Pick for 2015.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★