TalkingData: Less than 50,000 iPad Pros sold in China during first month of sales

A little over 49,000 iPad Pros were activated in China during the first month of sale, according to Beijing-based research firm TalkingData, as noted by the Mashable website. The super-sized iPad launched in late November.

TalkingData's chief analyst Ann Tao told Mashable that, though the activation numbers for the iPad Pro don't look great at first glance, the high price tag of the iPad Pro should be taken into consideration. Plus, the big tablet is an important step for Apple in courting the business or high-end user, she said.

By way of comparison, the iPad Air 2 shipped 557,000 units in the first four weeks of sales, according to TalkingData. The iPad mini 4, which went on sale before the Pro, shipped around 100,000 units. (Note that this sales data doesn’t come from Apple.)