Notable apps and app updates for Dec. 21, 2015

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks for Mac OS X and iOS.

Mac OS X Apps/Updates

Appocto has introduced PDF Shrinker for Mac OS X. It lets you shrink and compress PDF files, making them smaller and easier to email. You can decide how much you want to compress files, and at which quality.

PDF Shrinker sells for $4.99 and is available worldwide from Appocto online. It requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

Digital Heaven has announced Pro Player 2.0, a new version of their professional QuickTime player built for Mac-based video content creators and motion graphics designers. 

The free version of Pro Player provides a streamlined way to review or present video content. Pro Player can be extended with an in-app purchase of the Plus Pack to enable other features.

Pro Player 2.0 requires Mac OS X 10.8. It’s available for download from the Mac App Store.

Nikolas Konstantakopoulos from Granny's Audio has announced MetroKit 2, a flexible metronome. 

Equipped with speed and rhythm trainers, fully customizable beats and accents, and a new "Track Mode” feature, it can create simple exercises or demanding progressive rhythmic practice exercises. MetroKit 2 supports custom beat divisions.

The app requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later. It costs $2.99 and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Music category.

Industrious One has introduced Musicality 3 for Mac. Musicality breaks your music out of the browser, with desktop conveniences like keyboard shortcuts and notifications, AirPlay streaming, and an iOS remote. 

The app lets you take control of over a dozen popular music websites including Pandora Radio, Google Play Music, Spotify, and more. Version 3.0 sports built-in controls for nearly a dozen more music services.

Musicality costs $11 and requires Mac OS X 10.10 or newer, as well as an Internet connection. It may be downloaded as a free 10-day demo from the Musicality website ( The demo is full-featured and unlocks in-place when purchased. Musicality Remote is available free at the Apple App Store. It requires iOS 8 or newer and a Wi-Fi connection to Musicality for Mac.

iOS Apps/Updates

Choofun Games has announced Impaled 1.0. In this free, one-touch platformer, players jump, glide or fly through a sequence of short but challenging levels. All the levels are hand crafted in 3D with high resolution textures and advanced lighting.

TamerZone has unveiled Marquee Mash 1.0. It’s a world game in which players remove letters from signs to answer crossword-style clues. Each puzzle consists of a sign displaying a movie title or musical act, a clue, and a number of blank spaces for discarded letters. Marquee Mash is free, but does offer in-app purchases.

Appologics has given us DroneVR. It turns an iPhone into a virtual reality headset for flying drones in first person view (FPV) perspective. The free version of DroneVR offers full support for the DJI Phantom2 Vision+. Support for the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced/Professional and the DJI Inspire 1 can be activated via in in-app purchase.

Precontinent Games has released Space Geckos - The Rescue Mission 1.0.2. In the free game, players fight their their way through asteroids to rescue geckos and bring them back to Earth unharmed.

Futujoy has rolled out Just Primes 1.0. The free game is based on the fact that any composite number can be decomposed into prime numbers. To pass a level you need to reduce all composite numbers by gathering numbers with common divisor in a row, so only primes should remain.

Family 1st Interactive has introduced Letter Trace Battle 2.5.0. It’s a $1.99, interactive educational game that the entire family can play, from preschool to grandma or grandpa. It teaches children of all ages their letters, fruits, vegetables and phonics.

T. L. McManus Capital has launched iEmergency 2.2. It’s an update of the $0.99 app for camping, travel, and working outdoors. It provides a “global, multilingual emergency toolset” and provides data, tools, and resources you need to survive an emergency.

XI-ART has developed Towers Battle Pyramid Solitaire 1.0.08. The free app combines practices of classic solitaire games with social online tournament features exclusively designed for this pyramid solitaire game experience.

Hoplight Games has developed Shnappy 1.0.3, an update to their free endless runner. The aim of this game is to survive for as long as possible in a dangerous underwater world. Players must do their best to outswim Shnappy, the angry shark.

watchOS Apps/Updates

Elecont has launched a new version of eWeather HD for the Apple Watch. The $2.99 app is designed to provide all the weather info you need in one place.

tvOS Apps/Updates

Stuart McLean has introduced Backpack Harry for iOS devices and the Apple TV. It’s a $1.99 platform game in which players get to create their own worlds, play them, share them and more.

Pilcrow has announced On Air for Apple TV. The $1.99 app grants direct access to 10.000 radio stations, all of them sorted in different genre. Personal favorites can be stored.