iSkelter Canvas Smart Desk improves the iPad Pro user experience

If you’re an artist using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil combo (which means you’re the perfect customer for the super-sized tablet), iSkelter’s Canvas Smart Desk should be added to your arsenal of tools. 

Available in a $68 Canvas Creator model and a $100 Canvas Pro version, the lap desk (though it’s much more than that) is ideal for drawing, painting, or sketching. 

The Canvas Smart Desk offers cutouts for the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.The Canvas Pro has also extra space that can hold a coffee mug and an extra groove for your smartphone.The cutout in the base of both models prevents the tablet from sliding about while you’re creating, and keeps the pencil stationary when you’re not using it. The larger cutout in the top lets you prop up the iPad Pro and place a Bluetooth keyboard in the base cutout. Or you can use the top slot to stow your iPhone or stash your Smart Keyboard.

However, you will have to remove the Smart Keyboard or any type of cover you have on your iPad Pro, as it won’t sit in its cutout with a case installed. Yes, this is inconvenient, but I’m not sure what alternative the folks at iSkelter had, considering the purpose of the lap desk.

The Canvas Smart Desk can be useful when playing games. That is, as long as you’re playing with touch controls and not using an accessory such as a gamepad or joystick, when the iPad Pro works better at an angle than placed flat.

Made from premium, natural bamboo, the Canvas Smart Desk is a handsome product that fits in perfectly with Apple’s sleet, simple, yet sophisticated design aesthetic. Good-looking and reasonably priced, iSkelter’s product will definitely improve your iPad Pro experience.