Facebook starts supporting Live Photos, adopts HTML5 video player

Facebook is the 5,000-pound gorilla of social networking services, so when they offer support for new formats, it's pretty well certain that most of the rest of the Internet-based world is going to follow. Today Facebook began rolling out support for Apple's Live Photos, the new photo format that's available on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. 

Live Photos are pretty new in the world of photography, with the short live photo/videos only appearing on the two Apple devices so far. As a result, Facebook is taking its time rolling out the feature to the world. Some users get the ability to upload and view Live Photos starting today, while others won't see them for a few weeks. 

When uploading a Live Photo, you simply follow the same process that you normally do when uploading a still photo. If that photo happens to be a Live Photo, a "LIVE" box appears in the bottom right of the image. To upload the image as a Live Photo, tap that box; otherwise the image is uploaded simply as a still photo.

After Live Photos make it into the Facebook feed, they appear to be just regular still photos. However, that Live Photos button -- the concentric circle icon -- appears on the lower right corner of each picture. Tap and hold any photo with that button and the Live Photo plays. 

In addition to Live Photos support, Facebook is also moving to HTML5 video -- another nail in the coffin of Flash video. In the Facebook Code blog post linked here, the company's Daniel Baulig explained the many reasons why the company is making the move and the challenges faced in beginning the transition.