United Airlines to equip 6,000 customer service reps with iPhone 6 Plus

United Airlines announced today that it will be equipping 6,000 or so customer service repos with the iPhone 6 Plus. United pilots already use iPads in the cockpit, and last year the iPhone 6 Plus became standard equipment for 23,000 flight attendants. 

The airline will use its own custom iOS app to help United's reps print out luggage tags, boarding passes, and other information while on the move, and will help the reps rebook customers or handle other requests. United said its staff "told us they needed better tools to serve our customers, especially during severe weather and busier travel times." 

That came from United senior vice president of airport operations Jon Roitman, who also noted that "we have seen great success with the custom-made tools on the iPhone 6 Plus and believe expanding the use of a smart phone device with other applications is a great investment in our employees."