STACKED introduces wireless charging ecosystem for iPhones

STACKED has released the STACK PACK, which it says is the first truly wireless charging ecosystem for the iPhone 6/6s and 6 Plus/6s Plus. The ecosystem consists of a case, Power Pack and AC wireless wall-charging plug.

The STACK PACK purportedly charges faster than any other technology because it comes in direct contact with the phone. The Power Pack is what needs to be recharged, not the phone itself. It’s recharged via the included AC wall adapter, which allows up to five Power Packs to be charged at once. 

The magnetic wireless charging technology is built into each case and Power Pack. It sports a removable 2750mAh battery.

The one-piece case design lets you pop in the iPhone, slide the connector closed, and you’re ready for wire-free charging. The magnetic charging connector is built directly into the back of the slim case. This connector is what allows the Power Pack to wirelessly charge the iPhone while offering protection.

The STACK PACK is available for $129.99. It’s offered in white, black, or gold.