Localytics: iPad mini 4 dominates the Black Friday weekend

The iPad mini 4 showed the most growth of mobile devices over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, according to Localytics, an analytics and marketing platform. It saw an 89 percent increase in new device impressions across the company’s network.

The model was released in September 2015, and many believed retailers would reduce the price by as much as $100. Staples did just that, enabling shoppers to get a new iPad model without breaking the bank.

The iPhone 6s showed the highest growth from the previous four weekends with an increase of 36 percent in new device impressions, followed by the iPhone 6s Plus at 29 percent, notes Localytics. Most major retailers were offering these phones at discounted prices or with gift cards to the stores.

The iPad Pro had the lowest growth during the holiday weekend, as the device wasn’t discounted at all. Apple doesn’t partake in Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and the device is too new for retailers to discount. Despite this, “Apple should be encouraged that their newest tablet attracted some buyers despite the myriad of available options,” notes Localytics.