InfoScout: Apple Pay usage dips from Black Friday 2014 to Black Friday 2015

InfoScout says that, over the Black Friday weekend, Apple Pay usage was at its lowest rate since the company, which makes proprietary mobile apps for shopping, started tracking it, being used for only 2.7 percent of Apple Pay-eligible transactions. 

This is a marked decrease from what InfoScout observed on the 2014 Black Friday weekend when iPhone 6 owners used Apple Pay for 4.9 percent of eligible transactions at participating merchants. Of course, back then the primary owners of Apple Pay-enabled devices were early—and technologically curious—adopters, whereas now the technology is in the hands of the broader population, notes InfoScout. 

On the Android side of the table, the company saw an even lower rate of mobile wallet usage – just 2 percent of eligible transactions. This was InfoScout’s first time investigating mobile wallet usage among Android owners. Of all the mobile wallet options available, it was PayPal that came out on top on Black Friday.