AWT News Update: December 2, 2015

The podcast is a little early today due to some offsite work that needs to be done, so here's what we have for you:

  • Three popular apps add 3D Touch features to streamline your life
  • Apple adds another 40 financial institutions to Apple Pay
  • Rumor has it that TSMC will produce all of the A10 processors for the next-generation iPhones
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation files a complaint against Google
  • A Chinese website cites sources within Foxconn saying that a metal-body iPhone 6c will be available in February

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Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is an early AWT News Update for December 2, 2015. A quick note for potential advertisers or sponsors; you can now buy a sponsorship for this podcast through Cast.Market. Click the link for details.

Three more popular apps have added iOS 9 3D Touch features for use on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The Starbucks app will help fuel your caffeine addiction by letting you deep press the app icon to pay for your overpriced coffee drink, reload your card, order a drink for pickup, or find nearby stores… as if you can’t find one on just about every corner in major cities. The LinkedIn app gives you the ability to use 3D Touch to access sharing, view activity, create a new message, or search for someone. Finally, the ultra-popular to-do list app Wunderlist has added a way to deep press the app icon to get a quick preview of today’s to-dos, as well as add another to-do to your huge list of uncompleted tasks.

Would you believe there are almost 800 banks and credit unions supporting Apple Pay? Another 40 financial institutions were added today in the US, and the total is up to 791.

It’s expected that the next generation iPhone will use an A10 processor, and a new report from HSBC analysts Steven Pelayo and Lionel Lin says that they expect that TSMC — Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company — may take over all production of the new processor for Apple. At the present time, Samsung makes about 60 to 70 percent of all A9 chips, with the remainder made by TSMC. Why is Apple moving to TSMC? Apparently, to take advantage of the company’s integrated fan-out packaging, which allows chips to be stacked atop each other and then mounted directly on a circuit board instead of a substrate, which reduces both the thickness and weight of devices.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission on Monday against the Evil Empire, otherwise known as Google. The complaint alleges that Google is “collecting and data mining school children’s personal information, including their Internet searches.” The company had signed the Student Privacy Pledge earlier this year along with Microsoft and Apple, which says that Google would keep student information safe. According to the EFF, that pledge is legally enforceable. The biggest issue is with the Sync feature in the Chrome browser enabled by default on Chromebooks that are sold to schools. That’s done without permission of the students or their parents, and Sync allows Google to track, store and data mine online activities by students, including the sites that they visit and searches they make. While Google responded to the EFF and said it would disable a setting on educations Chromebooks, the foundation says that Google doesn’t go far enough to address the violations of the Student Privacy Pledge.

OK, it’s always fun to hear rumors, especially those that are extremely far-fetched. Chinese site TechWeb says that “unnamed sources” within Foxconn have said a new 4-inch iPhone 6c will be announced in January for February delivery to Apple Stores and carriers. The rumor goes on to say that the phone will have a metal body, unlike the iPhone 5c that came with a colorful plastic case. The phone would allegedly cost about $400 to $500 without a carrier subsidy, provide Touch ID support, but would not have the 3D Touch capability that’s found on the iPhone 6s family. If Apple IS going to announce a new iPhone, my guess is that it would happen during CES 2016, which starts on January 4. How’s THAT for a rumor?

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.