The iPhone Orbit Case is handsome, well designed, and spacious

WaterField Designs' iPhone Orbit Case is handsome and extremely well designed — and spacious, something that I can’t say about the too-snug Spinn. The Orbit will hold an iPhone 6s, even with one of the new Apple Smart Batteries installed, as it comes in two sizes: one for a “naked” smartphone and one for an Apple smartphone and case.

The $49, slim, full-grain leather case holsters onto a belt, pants, or straps with a optional, $10, 360-degree rotating, removable clip. It’s made from naturally-tanned, premium leather, so is ruggedly attractive and reasonably protective. The inside front panel is lined with scratch-free Ultrasuede that adds cushioning and helps clean the iPhone screen as you insert and remove the smartphone from the case. 

A bottom opening allows you to keep ear buds attached to the phone at any time. On the front of the case, there’s a thin slit/pocket in which you can stash things such as a commuter pass or electronic key card.

I really like the holster feather of the Orbit. It makes me feel like a cowboy, but on a more practical level, it allows me to get to my iPhone quickly to answer a call or snap a photo. You can also unholster the Orbit and transfer it to a bag or a desk.

With its full-grain, naturally-tanned leather (in black, chocolate or grizzly), the Orbit has a "manly" vibe that I really like. One thing you should note: since its clip swivels around, you shouldre-position it for comfort when you sit — and to make sure the Orbit doesn’t pop off the clip when you change your body’s angle. When you go from standing to sitting, you change the pressure.