Pair a Defense Edge with a ClearCal to protect your Apple Watch’s edges and display

Even the least expensive Apple Watch (the Sport) is going to set you back $350 or more. Since it’s designed to be used on-the-go, the smartwatch needs protection. One reasonable option is the X-Doria Defense Edge

Available in grey, rose gold, blue, and space grey versions, it’s made of machined aluminum exterior and sports a soft rubber lining. This combo protects the edges of your Apple Watch from dings, scratches and bumps. The rubber lining keeps the Defense Edge from touching your smartwatch. The Defense Edge has a quick, snap-on design so is easy to install.

The Defense Edge is compatible with all 42 mm Apple Watch collections and wristbands. One caveat: it protects the edges of  your watch, but not the screen. I recommend you pair the X-Doria product with the ClearCal from RadTech for complete screen protection.

ClearCal’s Mylar surface resists scratches and abrasions. For $9.95, you get six of the screen protectors: three clear ones and three anti-glare ones.