AWT News Update: December 18, 2015

There was no AWT News Update yesterday because... well, there wasn't a lot of Apple news. Today, however, was a different matter:

  • Adobe Photoshop Fix gets a "fix" to improve using it on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available for pre-order on iTunes, and you can purchase the soundtrack today. Be sure to use the links on Apple World Today to purchase both!
  • Apple's secret design lab will be featured on 60 Minutes this upcoming Sunday
  • iTunes can chew up a surprising amount of your MacBook's CPU and battery; we tell you what blogger Kirk McElhearn found

The text version is below, or you can watch video here

Text Version

Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for December 18, 2015.

You might have missed us yesterday. Well, it was a slow news day and we had already covered everything on the website, so the podcast really wasn’t necessary. We’re back today, though.

Adobe’s Photoshop Fix app was updated this week to add better support for Apple Pencil on iPad Pro. The imaging app already worked with the Pencil, but the latest update recognizes both pressure changes and tilt shading when editing with the Apple stylus. The increased support makes precise editing with the Pencil more natural when using the iPad Pro. Earlier in the week, Adobe also updated Lightroom for iOS to support the iPad Pro’s full resolution as well as Split View and Slide Over features on the newest iPads.

In case you were in a galaxy far, far away yesterday, Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit theaters late last night and is on its way to breaking plenty of records at the box office. Maybe you don’t want to go to a theater to watch the movie, but that’s OK if you have no issues with waiting — the movie is available for pre-order on iTunes. Check out our post on Apple World Today for details and links to the movie and the soundtrack, and be sure to use those links to buy the movie and the soundtrack — you’ll be supporting the website at the same time.

Speaking of things that were held in extreme secrecy other than the new Star Wars movie, Apple’s Industrial Design Studio will be seen for the first time on Sunday’s 60 Minutes show. Apple’s design chief, Jony Ive, gave interviewer Charlie Rose a look at the facility earlier this year and this is the first time the public gets to see where upcoming products are perfected prior to release… except for that iPhone 6s battery pack, of course. Many Apple executives are even kept out of the facility, so this will be an impressive look at the birthplace of our favorite tech products.

And speaking of iTunes — which we were a little while ago — longtime tech blogger and author Kirk McElhearn discovered something recently that we’ll pass along, especially for people who like to use iTunes on their MacBooks. Keeping an iTunes window open uses a lot of your laptop’s CPU and thus its battery power. With the iTunes Store front and center on McElhearn’s laptop, he discovered that iTunes and coreaudiod were using 50.5% of the CPU while those two processes used about 7% while in background. When iTunes is the primary frontmost app, it’s playing music, rotating graphics in the carrousel at the top of the page, and displaying the rest of the page. Moving the page to background still uses a lot of CPU to play the music even though the graphics are no longer burning up CPU cycles.

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.