Notable apps and app updates for December 17, 2015

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks for iOS and OS X.

iOS Apps/Updates

The big news today is that the sequel to the former Apple Game of the Year winner BADLAND is now available. BADLAND 2 (US$4.99) has a lot of the cool things that you loved about the original -- including being able to scroll both directions, online challenges, a full single player campaign -- plus all new ways to get our little fuzzy hero killed in new and horrible ways. Here's the trailer:

If you've never played the original BADLAND, it's available on sale for just $2.99 to celebrate the release of the sequel. 

Infinity Blade is another game franchise that's on sale -- that is, the entire trilogy with its beautifully rendered graphics is available with each app going for a buck. Usually you can pay as much as $7 per app, but you can now get Infinity Blade I, Infinity Blade II, and Infinity Blade III for $0.99 each. That's all three games for just under $3. This may not happen again, so get 'em today.

OS X Apps/Updates

We're big fans of Macphun's Mac photography apps here at Apple World Today, which is one of the reasons we run their advertising on the site. One of those apps, Tonality, is a black and white photography editor for Mac, and it's on sale right now for $34.99 -- that's 50% off. If you'd rather get all of the Macphun photo tools -- Noiseless CK, Intensity CK, Snapheal CK, Tonality CK, Focus CK, and FX Photo Studio CK -- in the Creative Kit 2016 for just $99. You get a bunch of add-ons free of charge, including a Winter & Holiday Texture Pack, Magic Winter Presets for Tonality and Intensify, an ebook about food photography, Watermark Plus from Pearl Mountain, and a $30 gift card to CanvasPop.