Apple Government, anyone? 1-in-3 Americans think Apple’s leadership team should be running the U.S. government

One in three Americans (33 percent) think Apple would do a better job than politicians taking over U.S. government operations, according to a new Breakout Brands survey by rbb Communications. The national survey tapped opinions on a variety of brand preferences.

Walt Disney (28 percent) earned the second spot on the list of brands that consumers would vote for to run the government, followed by American Express (18 percent), Facebook (11 percent) and Starbucks (10 percent) rounding out the top five. Americans identify with companies that focus on their needs – more specifically, brands that “get” them.

“Building a relationship with today’s consumer is a lot like dating,” says Christine Barney, managing partner and CEO of rbb Communications. “Brands like Apple do well at the dating game because they get into the consumers’ heads to achieve the kind of meaningful emotional connections that lead to loyalty. American consumers have high expectations. In fact, research shows that 57 percent of Americans are more likely to trust a company that consistently offers excellent customer service over one that consistently offers excellent prices.”

Since 2012, rbb has been identifying “Breakout Brand” organizations that are “adopting an evolutionary strategy to the traditional challenger brand approach. The term describes brands that focus on the customer, not the competition.” Breakout Brands are those that focus on customers’ needs and emotions over just imitating the competition.