Adobe Post: Create social media graphics in seconds

Do you ever think about design when you're sending a tweet or posting on Facebook? You might start doing just that if Adobe Post (free with in-app purchases) catches on. The new app makes it a snap to create eye-catching graphics on the iPhone by remixing professional designs with your photos and text.

Adobe Post can help companies or individuals get their message across in minutes. For example, the message you see at right took just a few minutes of play to create, and at a glance you get the picture that we now have 600 followers on Facebook (well, almost...). 

You start by selecting a design, then add or select a photo. Photos can come from your own camera roll, or you can choose one from a selection of free photos, Adobe Lightroom, or your Creative Cloud account. 

Each design comes with a selection of type faces, colors, and design elements. You can resize text, rotate it, change the color, you name it. Post selects color palettes depending on the dominant colors of your photos, and with a series of taps you can rotate through a choice of text and filter colors. 

Once you're done, it's easy to share the graphics in a variety of ways. You can attach a graphic to a message or email, tweet it, post it on Facebook, save it to your favorite cloud service, or even save it to your Photos library for future reference.

There's an in-app purchase for $1.99 to buy 20GB of storage on Creative Cloud, and you can also unlock some new styles and fonts simply by sharing a message on Twitter. To get rid of the hashtag watermark that appears on each image, you just need to send a pre-written email to a friend. 

I think this app is going to be a keeper. Adobe Post is a fast and fun way to create snappy social media graphics.