AWT News Update: December 16, 2015

In your Apple news today:

  • Apple is invited to bid for digital broadcasting rights to NFL's Thursday Night Football
  • There's a dedicated Star Wars radio station on Apple Music
  • Missed the "Steve Jobs" movie? It'll be out on digital February 2, 2016 and on Blu-ray and DVD February 16.
  • Do you like Facebook Messenger? You can now use it to order an Uber ride!

The text version can be found below, and video is here.

Text Version

Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for December 16, 2015.

Apple has been invited to bid for broadcasting rights for the NFL’s Thursday Night Football in 2016. The league is hitting traditional networks like CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC for bids on regular broadcasting rights, but notified Apple, Google, Yahoo, and Amazon that they can also sent in proposals on digitally streaming games. The digital companies would make a simulcast of the television production with the same advertisements and in-game production features. This year, Yahoo purchased exclusive rights to stream one game and paid about $15 million. Apple could buy the option to stream Thursday Night Football games as an incentive for more people to buy the Apple TV, games could be sold on a per-game or full-season basis through iTunes and Apple TV, or Apple could choose to give away free access to gain more viewers. It’s unknown just what the company will do, but we don’t think we’ve heard the last of this deal.

Are you an Apple Music subscriber? If you are, be sure to listen to the new dedicated Star Wars radio station that’a available in the Radio section of the Music app on iOS or in iTunes. The station plays a library of music from the movies, such as the Main Title, Yoda’s Theme, sound effects, and more. It’s sure to put you in the mood for the upcoming movie.

If you’re one of the billions of people who did NOT see the Danny Boyle movie Steve Jobs in theaters this year, you’ll be able to see a digital release of the movie starting on February 2 with Blu-ray and DVD versions coming out two weeks later on February 16, 2016. The disc editions of the movie are coming with behind-the-scenes features and two commentary tracks, one with Boyle adding his commentary, the other with screenplay writer Aaron Sorkin and editor Elliot Graham. There’s no word on what platforms the digital release will appear on, though it’s assumed that iTunes and Google Play will be among the front runners.

The Facebook Messenger app for iOS will now let you order a ride on Uber, then share your ride status with friends. To get users excited about using Messenger instead of the Uber app to grab a ride, Uber says that your first ride from Messenger is free up to $20. To use Uber in Messenger, tap the car icon or select “Transportation” from the ellipses menu inside of any conversation.

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.