Apple shutters Topsy Labs, which it acquired in 2013

Apple has closed Topsy Labs, which it acquired two years ago, reports AppleInsider, on its official Twitter page, saying, "We've searched our last tweet." The company's website is no longer active and now forwards to an Apple Support Document explaining iOS 9 search capabilities, including new features like proactive Siri Suggestions.

Topsy Labs, which specialized in tracking Twitter data, provided a full-scale index of the public social web and could “instantly analyze any topic, term or hashtag across years of conversations on millions of web sites.” The company provided targeted analysis of Twitter’s “firehose,” the stream of tweets posted to the microblogging service.

As a Twitter-certified partner, Topsy Labs examined tweets and other user data to track user sentiment, find influencers for specific subjects and measure the effectiveness of Twitter ad campaigns. Retailers tapped into the Topsy API [application programming interface] to access data centers and search analytics tools.

It was believed that, when Apple bought the company in 2013 for more than $200 million, it would use Topsy’s as a way to bolster iAd. iAd is a mobile advertising platform developed by Apple for iOS devices. It allows third-party developers to directly embed advertisements into their apps.