Apple gives employees another gift: Apple Music

Remember hearing last week about how Apple was giving its employees urBeats earphones for Christmas? Well, the company must be feeling ultra-generous this year, since not only are employees getting the earphones, but a free nine-month subscription to Apple Music as well. 

iTunes head Eddy Cue told employees the good news in a video message that went out this morning. Employees will get an Apple Music promo code that they can use to activate or extend a subscription.

This gift is valued at $90, and adding the $100 urBeats to the mix, the goodies are better than a sharp stick in the eye. All Apple employees get the gifts, and in addition to this one being a nice benefit, Apple also has a way for employees to explain and recommend Apple Music to customers. Hopefully they'll also get a lot of good in-house feedback on the shortcomings of the service.