Amango launches an USB-C multiport adapter for the MacBook

Amango Mobile has announced OLink, an “ultra-portable” USB-C multiport adapter for Apple’s 12-inch MacBook. It’s designed to provide MacBook owners with a convenient way to connect all of their existing peripheral devices and get a multiport fast charger, whether the laptop is on or off. 

OLink plugs into the single USB-C port of the diminutive laptop and provides three USB 3.0 type A ports, and one HDMI 4K video output. Later versions of the device will include a SD 4.0 memory slot too, according to the folks at Amango. In addition, the device’s thin body, made of anodized aluminum, is small enough to fit into a pocket and complements MacBooks with its gold, silver, and space grey color options. 

In addition to its multiport and fast charging capabilities, OLink’s HDMI output has 4K2K resolution, meaning users can play 4K video through an HDMI TV or monitor output. Users can also import a 4K movie or RAW files photo through OLink’s SD 4.0 memory slot, and the device can read/write up to 312 MB per second. OLink is compatible with USB-C MacBook, iPad, Android, Chrome, and Windows laptops/tablets.

OLink is available now for preorder through Kickstarter at a starting price of $59.