Notable apps and app updates for Dec. 15, 2015

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks for Mac OS X and iOS.

Mac OS X Apps/Updates

Codium Labs has introduced Offline Pages for Mac 1.0, an “intelligent” offline browser for Mac OS Yosemite and El Capitan.

Offline Pages allows you to save virtually any website to your hard drive for offline access, making it available for viewing at a later time.It makes use of a combination of intelligent algorithms that, along with your custom settings, make each saved website a personalized experience

Offline Pages for Mac 1.0 costs $19.99. It’s available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Business category.

BinaryFruit has revved DriveDx 1.4.2, its Mac OS X solution for SSD and HDD health diagnostics and monitoring, to version 1.4.2. The tool performs overall drive health diagnostics using drive health indicators (like SSD wear out/endurance, reallocated bad sectors, offline bad sectors, pending sectors, I/O errors, and more).

It’s a combined drive health analysis and forecasting tool. DriveDx monitors and analyzes changes to S.M.A.R.T. attributes in order to continuously evaluate drive health status and predict drive failures. In addition to "Failed" and "OK" drive statutes DriveDx supports "Warning" and "Failing" statuses indicating that a drive is in a pre-failure status and backup of sensitive data is highly recommended.

Version 1.4.2 offers improved diagnostic algorithms and heuristics and enhanced support of most recent SSD and HDD models and more. DriveDx requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later. 

It can be purchased from the BinaryFruit website or through the Mac App Store (a personal license only). A 10-day trial demo is available for download at the product website. Pricing is $19.99 for a personal license, $39.99 for a family license, $99.99 (and up) for a business license, and $49.99 (and up) for an IT-consultant license.

Ergonis Software has announced Typinator 6.8, a new version of their text expander. It comes with new markers for calendar week (ISO and U.S. numbering) and for the numeric weekday, and improves the structure of some submenus in the markers pop-up menu. The installer has been improved and now shows a confirmation of the successful installation only when the Typinator window doesn’t open anyway.

Typinator requires Mac OS X 10.6 or newer. The upgrade to Typinator 6.8 is free for anyone who owns a valid license for Typinator 6.x. Upgrade paths are available for owners of older licenses. For new users the price is $24.99.

iOS Apps/Updates

Audionamix has launched DJ Voxchanger. It lets you interact with songs i your iTunes library and changing the pitch, gender and age of the vocalist. Those changes can then be shared with your social network or saved for exporting to professional audio applications. DJ Voxchanger is free, but does offer in-app purchases.

Internet Design Zone has rolled out KidloLand - Nursery Rhymes For Kids 12. The free app is packed with over 190 interactive nursery rhymes and educational songs that introduce kids to fruits, animals, vegetables, birds, water animals, ABC alphabet and much more. The app now offers a subscription service so that users can get unlimited access to all the content.

infovole has updated Textkraft Pocket, their text editor for the iPhone and Apple Watch, to version 3.0. The app — available for $3.99 (20 percent off) over the holidays — now has offline dictionaries for 22 languages and country specific variations on board. Version 3.0 brings WebDAV, Spotlight Search, 3D-Touch Quick Actions, more dictionaries and improved iOS 9 and iPhone 6s compatibility.

Ahmad Jaffar Ghezwi has unleashed Lion Chief 1.2. Users play as fierce hungry lions traveling through the jungle, dodging obstacles and eating food. With tap gameplay, the bright-animated lions traverse the jungle floor and canopy to reap rewards. Lion Chief is free, but does offer in-app purchases.

watchOS Apps/Updates

BlueLight has developed an emergency calling to 911 app on the Apple Watch. The free app uses an IP-based system to address a problem that 911 still faces today: pinpointing the location of emergency calls. BlueLight also provides for callers who, in a medical emergency, may not be able to speak their location to the dispatcher. 

tvOS Apps/Updates

Notus Games Studio has unveiled 2048 Seasons 1.0, a puzzle game developed for iOS and tvOS devices. In the $1.99 app, you swipe to move all tiles. When two similar tiles touch, they merge into one. Join the pieces to get the 2048-sized one or even bigger. The game features Christmas Land and Digital Kingdom locations, each with own art and pieces sets, with dozens of levels already available in the Quest mode. You can also try to set the highest score in Challenge.