iCarrier+ for the iMac will be valuable to a small, targeted audience

If you find yourself constantly lugging your iMac from place to place, you should get a MacBook Pro. Or else spring for an iCarrier +, the “iMac transporter on wheels.” 

Yep, this is a computer bag/luggage made specifically for Apple’s all-in-one. It’s a niche product; after all, not many folks need to haul an iMac around. However, if you do, this is the way to do it, especially as the iCarrier + has wheels and an extendable handle.

It silver skin is constructed of heavy-duty, marine-grade, waterproof material and sports silver and black accents to match an iMac. The American-made case sports interior bellows designed specifically to protect the Mac desktop and two inside foam sleeves for a keyboard and accessories. A spacious outside pocket provides even more storage and is secured with industrial zippers.

Should you decide to use your iCarrier+ as a shoulder bag (and I’d advise you not to do often for your back’s sake), you can remove the detachable handle/wheel base and attach a shoulder strap. 

Mine is rarely used — mainly when a storm hits and the electricity/Internet goes down for several hours. I then pack up my iMac in the iCarrier+ and head down to my church’s building to use the power and Wi-Fi there. (After all, the news must go on at Apple World Today.)

The iCarrier+ could be extremely valuable to a business traveler who might need to transport an iMac. Or for a person moving across town, state-to-state, or county-to-country, who needs to protect the all-in-one in transit. It’s not for everyone, but will be worth the money for certain people.