Try PhotoWall+ for the Apple TV to liven up social, corporate events

Personally, I’m happy with simply viewing pics from my Photos library on my Apple TV. However, if you have the latest model of the Apple set-top box, you can kick things up a notch at family gatherings or parties with PhotoWall+ from Boinx Software. 

The $4.99 app lets you stream a “wall” of photos on your television set using the Apple TV. If your guests or family members are snapping photos (and, with everyone packing a smartphone these days, you know they are), they can post ‘em on the big screen for everyone to see. 

Well, let me clarify this. They can take and post photos if they’re packing an iPhone loaded with the free PhotoWall+ Cam for iOS, available at the Apple App Store. It’s a companion app to the tvOS app. Download the PhotoWall+ Cam app onto your Apple smartphone and start snapping photos. Once you send your photos to the hosted photo wall, they’ll appear instantly on the main screen. What’s more,  all photos posted on your photo wall will be stored in your iCloud account, making it easy to collect and share them after the big event (whatever it may be) is over. 

The first step to get started with PartySnapper is to set up a Wi-Fi connection at the venue at which PhotoWall+ will be used. The Wi-Fi doesn't have to be connected to the Internet as all communication only happens locally. For example, you can take an Airport Express or Airport Extreme you already have and plug it into an outlet. And if you already have a local Wi-Fi network, you’re good to go.

Make sure all devices that will you and your guests will be using join the network. To open a PhotoWall event, select "New Photo Wall" in PhotoWall+ and give it a name. Have everyone launch the PhotoWall+ Cam on their iPhones and start taking pics.

PhotoWall+ will automatically find the host and transmit the photos. You can customize the photo wall by clicking and holding the touch pad on the Apple TV remote. To access your PhotoWall+ photos, log onto iCloud with the Apple ID you use on your Apple TV. To download an individual photo, simply click it in the PhotoWall+ overview. If you want to download all photos at once, click "Download all" at the top of the gallery.

Admittedly, I’m not the ideal customer for PhotoWall+. However, it provides a fun way to keep folks engaged at weddings, birthday parties, office parties, and other shindigs. If you want to add some spice to your social or corporate event, PhotoWall+ is worth the five bucks it will cost you.