nuyu Wireless Scale great for weighing, but fails at measuring BMI

If you’re serious about your fitness, the Health o meter nuyu Wireless Scale is almost worth the $49.99 it costs. Almost, but not quite. Let me explain.

The nuyu Wireless Scale automatically sends your weight and BMI (Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight) to the nuyu app using Bluetooth technology. The app is free at the Apple App Store and works with iPhones and iPads. You must input information about your age, gender, height, and weight into the app the first time you launch it. It will tell you your weight and estimate your BMI. 

It’s in the latter area where the nuyu Wireless Scale disappoints. I didn’t expect themeasurement to be as accurate as a true body fat test, but I thought it would give users a baseline from which to work. It doesn’t.

Recently, I had a “BOD Pod” test that uses air-displacement plethysmography to measure BMI. It’s similar to underwater weighing and is very accurate. My BMI per the BOD Pod test was 12.4 percent. However, according to the nuyu scale, it’s 24 percent. That’s almost double the BOD Pod results, so I’d have to say the wireless scale is worthless for measuring BMI. 

On the bright side, it’s one of the most accurate home scales I’ve found for measuring weight. The sleek glass platform holds up to 400 pounds and measures your weight in 0.1 pounds increments. (If the day comes when I top the 400 pound mark, the least of my worries will be getting a better scale!)

The produce features nuyu’s nifty, and very Apple-ish, disappearing display, which only becomes visible when you step on, leaving only the elegant glass surface when it’s not being used. However, the surface is slippery if your feet are wet, so use with care. 

Data obtained by the scale will pair with your iOS device, allowing you to track your weight and (inaccurate) BMI readings over time. No manual pairing is necessary. Just take it out of the box, step on, and you're automatically set up and ready to go — as long as you’ve downloaded the free app on your iPhone or iPad and have the device running.

Another nice feature is that the scale uses regular AA batteries, so should run a long time without a need to replace them. The nuyu scale is available in black or white; I prefer the black. 

Alas, the nuyu app doesn’t work with the Apple Watch. Since I use the watch to track my time and distance on my runs, it would be very convenient to have it also work with the wireless scale.

The Health o meter nuyu Wireless Scale looks great, plays well with iOS devices, and is great for keeping tabs on your weight. But until nuyo fixes the BMI issue — which, admittedly, may be a software issue rather than a hardware one — I can’t recommend this product.