AWT News Update: December 11, 2015

On this quiet news day, we have the following updates for you:

  • The iOS App Store is being updated to let buyers know when an app has a companion universal app for the Apple TV
  • The 35th anniversary of Apple's IPO is tomorrow, and the stock has really blossomed in value since that time
  • Bloomberg's Professional app gains iPad Pro features
  • Apple updated its web portal for Apple ID to make it more user friendly

Text is below, and today's video recording is here.

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Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for December 11, 2015.

When you’re looking through the iOS App Store and want to know if an app has an Apple Watch companion, you see a small label and then there are usually screenshots of the Watch app in action. Sadly, there’s no current way to tell if an iOS app has an Apple TV counterpart… yet. It does appear that this is on the way, however. This morning, it was discovered that App Store listings have included SF.UniversalAppleTV labels. If that label is present in a listing, the app has a universal Apple TV app available on the tvOS App Store. That label isn’t supposed to be seen by the public, however, so expect that in the near future the left column will say “Apple TV’.

Even with the recent peaks and valleys of the share price of Apple stock, the stock has gained in value tremendously since the company’s initial public offering in 1980. That IPO was held on December 12, 1980, and Apple’s stock value has increased 22,250 percent since that time. Luke Dormehl at Cult of Mac points out that if you had invested in Apple stock instead of an Apple III in December of 1980 — which was selling for the ridiculously high price of $4,340 — the stock would be nearly worth $1 million today.

And speaking of stocks and bonds, traders and analysts often subscribe to Bloomberg’s Terminal service, which provides real-time access to market information as well as a live TV feed. The Bloomberg Professional app for iPhone and iPad has been updated, with particular attention to the iPad Pro. The app supports doing annotation of information with the Pencil, support for iOS 9 split view allowing multitasking between Bloomberg and other applications, and even the ability to have two Bloomberg functions running simultaneously within their own panels in the application. The app is free; you’ll just need to have a Bloomberg Professional subscription for access to the data.

Apple has updated its web portal for Apple ID, the location where you can manage security and devices for iCloud and iTunes accounts. The site has been completely redesigned, with a more clean and user-friendly design than before. Everything, from account information, security settings, and devices, appears on one page, with specific sections expanding to fill the page instead of taking you to another web page. You can visit the site by going to, and it’s a good idea to go out to the site occasionally to clear out devices that you may no longer own.

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.