Apple TV growing along with TV Everywhere viewing

TV Everywhere (TVE) viewing continues to shift to TV connected devices, and Apple TV and Roku are enjoying similar growth rates (+18 percent in the last quarter alone), according to the Adobe Digital Index Q3 2015. (TVE refers to a business model wherein television broadcasters—particularly cable networks, allow their customers to access content from their network through Internet-based services—either live or on-demand, as an aspect of their subscription to the service.)

However, the Index notes that Apple may be cannibalizing its own devices, with Apple TV growing at the expense of the iPad and iPhone. The authentication share of Apple’s iOS operating software actually fell 25 percent from a year ago. 

“It’s probably the result of people not using the tablet as much, impacted by Apple TV,” Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst for the Adobe Digital Index, told Forbes.

Bigger iPhones are also likely cannibalizing iPad use. Overall, smartphones overall are now the preferred mobile device for online video. Viewing on smartphones rose 30 percent from a year ago, while tablet viewing fell by eight percent, according to the Adobe Digital Index.

Consumers increased their frequency of viewing TVE), with an uptick in the most recent quarter resulting in a doubling of TVE viewing year-over-year (YOY). The third quarter of 2015 is up 37 percent quarter-over-quarter (QOQ) following a second quarter slowdown; all key genres showed growth. According to the Adobe Digital Index, the number of households using TVE continues to grow, but slowly. The number of unique households is up eight YOY.