StormBorn brings combat, deck-building, and MMO strategy to life

StormBorn (free with in-app purchases) from JuiceBox Games combines combat, deck-building and freemium MMO strategy into a nice-looking and playable game. It's a rather odd mix of fast fights offset by the long wait for buildings to produce resources. Some will love it while others will lose patience quickly. Here's our look at StormBorn.


StormBorn is a quite nice-looking game. The characters, buildings, scenery and combat animations all look great. The soundtrack really brings the theme home, with arrangements that would feel at home in the halls of an ancient keep. Information and preference screens are well designed, so it's quite easy to figure out what you're supposed to do. Speaking of...

Game Play

There are several things going on here. First, you collect "cards," or heroes, to fight for the glory of your town. You'll do this by, among other things, winning battles. The fighting in this game is really fun and for me, the most enjoyable aspect. Each hero has a different special ability that powers up as she or he fights. Use it just it time to devastate your opponents. You'll find quest battles to complete or go online and face off against other players.

What's also cool is that there's ample opportunity to upgrade your heroes' gear and equip them with all sorts of goodies. This aspect of the game is really great and honestly I'd be happy with just that.

All about that base

Another aspect of StormBorn is building up a base and resource management. Anyone who has played Farmville or Clash of Clans will be familiar with this aspect. You grind resources, upgrade buildings, mines, storage facility, barracks, etc. Many people like this. I think it's dull waiting until I meet the criteria to upgrade a mine, especially when contrasted with the fun of combat.

All in all, it's a fun game. There's a nice storyline to follow and ample opportunity to upgrade heroes and your base. It's a lot deeper than I suspected it would be, which is a good thing. I suspect many of you will love it. Check it out.