Siri tops Cortana, Google Now in "Battle of the Virtual Assistants"

iOS users have always known that Siri has some siri-ous smarts, but now a detailed study on Experts Exchange shows that Apple's digital assistant not only does a better job what Cortana and Google Now at performing tasks at your command, but that users are generally more satisfied with Siri's work.

We won't go through the entire study -- that would take way too much time and you really ought to visit the Experts Exchange site to see this -- but here are some takeaway points:

  • Siri was the clear winner in terms of responding to commands, impressive in both accuracy and user satisfaction.
  • Siri had the best accuracy rate for sending out a hands-free text message at 82 percent accuracy, with Google Now coming in second at 68 percent and Cortana at 60 percent. 
  • Satisfied Siri users were primarily West of the Mississippi River, while Cortana and Google Now users made up the eastern part of the USA.
  • Female users received follow-up questions from Siri less often than men, with the article wondering if Siri "simply listens to women better".