Evel Knievel for Apple TV: perform the stunts, don’t break the bones

Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel was a world famous daredevil who attempted more than 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps between 1965 and 1980, and, in 1974, a canyon jump across Snake River Canyon (which failed) on a steam-powered rocket. During his career he suffered more than 433 bone fractures, earning him the dubious honor in the Guinness Book of World Records as the survivor of "most bones broken in a lifetime.”

If you’ve ever wanted to try his stunts but have no interest in matching his bone fracturing record, Barnstorm Games’ $1.99 Evel Knievel game (http://tinyurl.com/o62tjdc) for the new Apple TV is probably as close as you can safely get. As Evel, you’ll jump rattlesnakes and lions while you work your way up to Knievel’s 13 London buses and the famed fountain jump in Las Vegas.

You’ll use the Siri Remote to negotiate a series of obstacles including barrels, seesaws and flaming hoops, before tackling 27 jumps in nine historic locations. You can also earn in-game currency from completing jumps to buy souped-up motorcycles (there’s a choice of 11), some of Evel’s famed outfits (would you look good in white and blue leathers?), special helmets, and more.

The graphics and sound effects in the game are colorful and fun. Though it took me a while to get used to using the Siri Remote (I’m old school; I like a joystick), the basics are easy to learn. However, gameplay is fast and furious, and it takes some practice to improve your daredevil skills.

The new Apple TV can use your iOS device as an additional controller if the game you're playing supports it. Typically, you'll see iOS controller support for games that have an iPhone or iPad counterpart.