Don't know what that object is? Pinterest iOS app adds a powerful visual search tool

The Pinterest iOS app (free) has added a new tool that is sure to be a great help to anyone who has ever seen an object -- whether it's a chair, lamp, dress, shirt, purse, backpack or any other item -- and wondered who makes it and where they can buy it. With the new visual search tool, tapping a photo while browsing Pinterest, tapping the search tool button in the corner of the photo, and then highlighting the object you're interested in will cause the app to search Pinterest's product database to find similar items.

Pinterest says it has indexed one billion photos out of the 50 billion images that have been posted to the service since day one, and it will eventually index all of them. The idea is that by matching items in images with items that can be purchased, Pinterest is monetizing its platform even more than it already has. The company added curated shopping lists for some product categories back in June of 2015.