Notable apps and app updates for November 6, 2015

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks for iOS and Mac OS X:

iOS Apps/Updates

Ahh, it's finally Friday. Time to sit back, relax, and perhaps enjoy a frosty brew (insert warning to drink responsibly here...). So let's get a little silly and look at some beer-related apps for your iOS devices. 

First up is the best -- and maybe only -- beer social network, Untappd (free). It's a check-in network for anyone who enjoys beer, giving you a way to search for local craft beers and bars, and what beers are recommended. You can track all of the beers you try, rate them, take photos, and send 'em to your friends. The more you try different beers and locations, the more badges you can collect.

So, what happens when you're in a deep, dark beer cellar somewhere and your iPhone isn't working? There's an app to solve that -- Tappd That ($2.99) takes your beer check-in history and wish list from Untappd and makes it available everywhere. And even more fun, there's a Watch app for checking in with a tap or seeing your number of beer check-ins in a Watch complication. 

Here's an app that prompts me to say "Why?" --  iBeer Pro ($2.99 (ad-free) with in-app purchases) brings a frosty mug to any iPhone or iPad. Seriously, this app has been downloaded more than 90 million times, so there must be a lot of people who want to look like they're drinking a beer (or soft drink, or wine, or...) from their iPhone. Shake your iPhone to get foam, tilt it to drink, and the app even lets you pour iBeer into other phones. There is a free version, but get the ad-free iBeer Pro version. You'll thank me later. 

Mac OS X Apps/Updates

Keeping on the theme of beer, we're going to start off with an amazing app for homebrewers -- BeerAlchemy ($29.99). This keeps beer recipes organized, makes it easy to create your own recipes, has an ingredients database for base materials from around the world, and even provides a way to manage your inventory of hops or other ingredients. Even better, it can sync to BeerAlchemy Touch ($9.99) on your iPhone or iPad. Prost!

Last, but not least, is a game to play while you're having a few beers. Beer Shooter ($0.99 with in-app purchases) is a simple physics game in which you try to destroy beers with balls, dynamite, sledgehammers... you get the drift. It also provides one of the more hysterically misspelled app descriptions ever (TOTTALY WORTH TO DOWNLOAD ASAP is an example), but I'm not being judgmental. Perhaps the developers had a few while they were submitting this to the Mac App Store.