Apple among the best companies when it comes to climate protection

Apple, Microsoft and Google are among the corporations awarded an “A” for their efforts to reduce heat-trapping emissions, according to a global ranking that grades corporations according to their environmental credentials.

That report is from the nonprofit CDP. Nearly 2,000 companies submitted information to be independently assessed against CDP’s scoring methodology; 113 have made the list, which features brands from around the world such as, Apple, Microsoft and Google, the three largest by market capitalization.

The CDP data shows “significant improvements” in corporate management of climate change. The group says governance is improving, with a higher percentage of companies allocating responsibility for climate issues to the board or to senior management (from 80 percent to 94 percent of respondents). And more companies are incentivizing employees through financial and non-financial means to manage climate issues (47 percent to 75 percent).

CDP says the percentage of companies setting targets to reduce emissions has also grown strongly. Forty-four percent now set goals to reduce their total greenhouse gas emissions, up from just 27 percent in 2015. What’s more, 50 percent have goals to reduce emissions per unit of output, up from 20 percent in 2010.