Pangea Software’s game line-up brings retro gaming fun to the new Apple TV

The moment the new Apple TV launched, Pangea Software was ready with five games: Air Wings, Bugdom 2, Otto Matic, Nanosaur 2, and Nucleus. All of them bring retro gaming fun to tvOS with their colorful graphics and easy-to-learn-not-so-easy-master gameplay. 

Interestingly, the best of the lot for the big screen Apple TV gameplay provides is the free Air Wings. It’anetworked multiplayer flying battle game in which you pilot various paper airplanes and shoot crazy weapons at your opponents. You shoot rubber bands that ricochet off of everything in sight, suction cup darts which stick to things and then explode, spit wads, pencil missiles, and more. 

It’s easy to get up and going with Air Wings, and it’s kid friendly. However, mastering the game takes practice. Especially when you match up against other online players via Game Center. The flight controls — using the Siri Remote — are simple, but you’ll have to practice to become a true Air Wings master.

All of the games have the capability of playing in 3D on any HDTV which is 3DTV capable.  Additionally, all of the games are Game Controller compatible, so they can be played with either the Siri Remote or with any tvOS compatible Gamepad. Pangea promises to bring more of their iOS game lineup to tvOS in the near future.

Bugdom 2, Nanosaur 2, Nucleus, and Otto Matic ($2.99 each) have been around for a long time on various platforms. Perhaps they’re a bit long in the tooth, but for someone whose favorite games still run to Pac-Man, Joust, Asteroids, and the like, the old school games are like ol’ friends. What I love about them is that you can enjoy some quick gameplay or settle in for longer bouts of gaming.

Bugdom 2:  An action-adventure game where you play a grasshopper who explores his amazing world. In Nanosaur 2, you pilot a time traveling pterodactyl from the future, and battle other dinosaurs. Or you can battle online opponents in the three different multiplayer modes.

Nucleus — my second favorite of the Panga games following Air Wings — is a modern take on the classic Asteroids game. Otto Matic is an action-adventure game in which you’re a robot whose mission is to save the humans from being abducted by the evil Brain Aliens.

What makes all these games stand out from the crowd is that they have the capability of playing in stereo-3D on any HDTV that’s 3DTV capable. My TV isn’t a 3D model, but if yours is, 3D support can, according to Pangea, make it easier to aim weapons and calculate jumps. (Pangea Software founder Brian Greenstone has published a developer tutorial for adding 3DTV support.)

Additionally, all of the games are Game Controller compatible, so they can be played with either the Siri Remote or with any tvOS compatible gamepad.

Another nice touch: anyone who owns the iOS version of any of their games will get the tvOS version for free, and vice-versa. Even in-app purchases will automatically transfer between the two platforms, and the saved game progress will also sync among the devices.