Ditch the man purse, go with the RFID Travel Vest for Men

Traveling with all my gadgets — such as an iPad Air, iPhone 6s Plus,, and more — once meant I carried a "man purse." No more. Now I travel hands-free thanks to the $135 RFID Travel Vest for Men from Scottevest. 

Yep, hands-free even though I often travel with LOTS of gadgets. I recently went to a meeting with my iPad Air, iPhone, 27-inch iMac, and more packed into my Travel Vest. Just kidding about the iMac. However, watching someone remove the maximum number of devices and accessories that you can pack into the vest is like watching a dozen clowns clamor out of a teeny "clown car."


How many pockets does the Travel Vest boast? Twenty-six. There are dedicated pockets for an iPhone, iPad, digital camera, keys, a water bottle, travel documents, USB/Bluetooth device, eyeglasses/sunglasses (replete with a cleaning cloth on an elastic cord), and more. What's more, the Travel Vest comes with a Personal Area Network (PAN) and a CollarConnect to hold wires in place. The PAN is a patented and licensed system for the wiring of third-party electronics into garments. Headphones, microphones, cell phones and everything else can be wired together via the SeV PAN.

The Travel Vest — which comes in comes in khaki, black, navy, and olive versions — sports a weight management system designed to distribute the load over your shoulders, as well as NoBulge Pockets for a streamlined look. Both of these work very well, though packing an iPad Air in the "PadPocket" does throw the balance off a bit. The vest is very useful when traveling; you can just slip it off when you're going through airport security.

I thought the Travel Vest would be uncomfortable, but it's not, at least during spring. When the hot, muggy Tennessee summer arrives (I live in Nashville), I may change my mind. But so far the vest, which is made of lightweight poly fabric, is comfortable. It's also machine washable, which is good as you'll probably be wearing it everywhere you go.  

I wish I'd had this product years ago when I was constantly on the road attending/covering trade shows. However, it's become my constant companion these days when I'm shopping, going to the movies, attending church, whatever. 

Plus, I can fit my entire family inside. 

Okay, not quite. But the Travel Vest does add new meaning to the word "spacious."