DAR Software's Docs & Works makes iOS document management easy

There are a lot of apps in the Business category of the App Store that claim to be perfect for filling out and signing documents on the iPhone and iPad, and many of them seem to lack certain capabilities so you end up having multiple apps to do one job. A new app from DAR Software called Docs & Works (US$9.99, but available today for just $5.99) seems to have all bases covered as a single powerful way to scan, fill, and sign documents.

Docs & Works has one tool that I just love, and that's support for multiple handwritten signatures that can be saved for future use and synchronized via iCloud. The app can also automatically insert a signing date in a document, a handy feature when filling out a lot of forms in a short period of time.

Check out these screenshots of Docs & Works in action. Use the forward and back arrow to move through the gallery.

The sources for Docs & Works are many. The app is compatible with Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers, and PDF documents, and can also load web pages, images and items from the clipboard. Those documents can come from iCloud Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, as well as other online sources. If you don't have a document stored in the cloud but actually have a physical paper doc sitting in front of you, there's a built-in scanner for digitizing the document. Docs & Works also features its own internal web browser for pulling forms off of websites.

The app automatically identifies fields that can be edited in PDF documents, navigating you from one field to another automatically. Notes, images, and geo-annotations can be added, and text markup can be done with highlights, shapes and stamps. 

Two things really stood out while I was giving Docs & Works a test drive: the surprisingly low price and the fact that the app performs a lot of functions very well. Some other development firms have a variety of apps that have to be used separately to do what Docs & Works does alone.

The app's design is also well executed; I never found myself "lost" in terms of being able to use the functions of Docs & Works, it has a fresh, clean iOS 9 look, and it's fast. For anyone looking for a way to capture, store, mark up, fill out, sign and share documents on the run, Docs & Works is well worth the investment.