WaterField Designs' Victor Wallet handsome, but too darn thin

WaterField Design describes its Victor Wallet as "dime-thin" and designed for the "on-the-go, efficient, digitally-minded professional." It's not actually dime thin (more like two dimes sitting atop each other) and it's only convenient for those pros who don't have a lot of "stuff" to stuff into it. 

The slim leather wallet has space for bills and slots for cards. All are held in place via a stretchy nylon strap. The problem is that the Victor Wallet can't hold too many bills and cards comfortably. Plus, any items that you place inside it (i.e, not in the slots) tend to fall out when you remove the nylon strap.

However, that nylon strap doesn't make the Victor Wallet more difficult for pickpockets to lift from your pocket as it tends to cling to the fabric of your pants, shirt, jacket, etc. Also, it's hand-made and very handsome.

For those who only have a few items to store, the WaterField Design wallet may be appealing. However, for those of us who need to store money, credit cards, store cards, business cards, etc., it's just too darn skinny.

The Victor Wallet is available in black or brown leather. It costs USS$29 and can be purchased at WaterField Designs' online store.