Inateck Aries In-ear Noise Isolating Headphones are a great stocking-stuffer idea

Inateck aries headphones. photo ©2015, steven sande.

Inateck aries headphones. photo ©2015, steven sande.

During 2015, I've had the pleasure of trying out a number of headphones and earphones from various manufacturers. One company that has surprised me consistently with its well-made and inexpensive products is Inateck. Previously I looked at their BH1001 Wireless Sport Headset and Lacerta In-Ear Headphones, and today we'll look at a third product, the Inateck Aries BH1101 In-ear Noise Isolating Headphones (US$19.99, Amazon Affiliate Link).


The design of the Aries headphones is quite different than that of the Lacerta headphones. The cables are plastic-coated with a material that gives them the appearance of braided metal, while the earbuds feature a bronze metallic finish with a real wood accent. The plug end of the headphones features a knurled grip that makes pulling the plug easy.

On the right cable is a microphone for use with an iPhone; there's one big button on it that I'll describe a bit more in the second part of this review. As with all of the Inateck headphones, the company includes a small Neoprene zippered carry bag for the headphones, an adapter for plugging the 'phones into an airplane audio jack, a clip to attach the microphone to clothing, and two more sets of silicone ear buds.


I was fortunate that the default mid-sized ear buds worked just perfectly so I didn't have to change them out, but from my experience with the Lacerta headphones that's something that is very easy to do.

As with the other headphones, I listened to a variety of tunes through the headphones just to get a feel for the range and sound quality of them. And as usual, this incredibly inexpensive headphone surprised me with excellent sound quality. Across the range from barely audible highs to booming bass, the Aries headphones delivered good sound.

Your mileage may vary, of course, as no two people hear the same thing in exactly the same way. But if you’re looking for a good backup pair of earbuds without spending an arm and a leg, the Aries can fill that role just fine.

The aries mic and button. photo ©2015 steven sande.

The aries mic and button. photo ©2015 steven sande.

With the Aries, you’ll need to use the iPhone’s volume controls to make sounds louder or quieter as the button only pauses and plays music with a press, or invokes Siri with a long press. There is no toggle for volume.


As with most of the Inateck products reviewed on Apple World Today this year, I found the Aries headphones to be a tremendous bargain and well-equipped at the low price. My only qualm is the lack of a volume toggle, but if you usually adjust volume from your iPhone anyway, that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★