IN1 is a handy combination iPhone case and Swiss Army Knife

I've lamented more than once that there's nothing new under the sun when it comes to iPhone cases. I stand corrected. The IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case is certainly different than anything I've ever tested before. 

Think of it as a combination iPhone case and Swiss Army Knife. Built for the iPhone 6/6s Plus, it sports grooves in a variety of small tools can be removed and reinserted. They include two precision screwdrivers (one flat-head and one phillips), two ball point pens (one with blue ink, one with red), a nail file, a pair of tweezers, a plastic toothpick, and a set of scissors.

I said the tools were small; tiny is probably a better adjective. You can't, for example, repair your lawnmower with the screwdrivers. However, they're perfect for working on eyeglasses. You can't (easily) cut open an UPS box with the teeny scissors; but they're fine for opening a bag of M&Ms.

You can't pen the next great American novel with the pens; you can jot down a quick note, though. You can't … well, you get the idea. Oh yes, the IN1 also has a kickstand that folds out so that you can sit your Apple smartphone at an angle.

What's more, the IN1 case is also TSA compliant due to its lack of a truly sharp blade. Which means that you can make it through the check-through line at the airport even though you're packing tools in your iPhone case. 

The IN1 is available in white, black, blue, yellow, purple, pink and clear for US$39.95. If I have one gripe with the case, it's that the kickstand was difficult to pop out. Otherwise, this is an iPhone case that all we wanna-be MacGyvers must have.