It's a wallet, it's a battery pack, it's MFi certified: It's the Nomad Wallet for iPhone

Here's a quick note for today. In between emails for NaNoWriMo specials on Scrivener and a press release for a new FDA-cleared lubricant that enhances fertility (yes, that has sooo much to do with Apple...), I saw something that caught my attention. The folks at Nomad are introducing a bifold men's wallet that has a 2400 mAh battery pack and MFi certified Lightning cable built into it. The Wallet for iPhone is available for pre-order now for $79.99 and will retail for $99.99 when it comes out on November 16. 


That's enough to recharge an iPhone 6s one time, so in a pinch you just grab your wallet, plug it into the iPhone, and you're back in business. Wallets are always an appropriate and useful holiday gift, and the Wallet for iPhone is doubly useful. It'll be available through Nomad's website, Amazon, and in Best Buy stores in the USA starting November 16.