A Magic Keyboard Slip can protect a Magic Keyboard that’s on the move

My Magic Keyboard tends to stay in one place: on my desktop. However, some folks move their keyboard around a lot — for example, to use it with an iPhone or iPad. If you’re one of those folks, I’d recommend picking up a $29 Magic Keyboard Slip from WaterField Designs.

The sleeve protects the new, rechargeable Apple device from dings and spills if you’re moving it from workstation to workstation or from work to home. And, as with all WaterField products, it looks good while doing it.

The Magic Keyboard Slip offers protection in a slim, light case (12 x 6 inches, three ounces) with a padded liner. A rear mesh pocket lets you pack a Lightning charger and other, small accessories. 

The Magic Keyboard Slip is available in black ballistic or waxed canvas (I like the latter). Pack it up and off you go.