We're thankful for our patrons, sponsors, and advertisers



2015 has been an interesting year, to say the least.

In February, TUAW was shut down, leaving a large group of us without employment. Some folks had other blogging jobs to fall back on or move to, but for three of us, we decided to start anew with Apple World Today. Over the year we've had some changes in staff due to bloggers needing more steady income, leading to today's team of Dennis Sellers and myself. 

The arrival of Dennis on the scene was something I am still very thankful for; he was seeing waning readership at his former website and a mutual friend of ours -- Chuck Joiner of MacVoices -- had the brainstorm that Dennis would be a good fit for AWT. He was right, and the two of us work together as a team very well. Thank you, Chuck, and thank you Dennis for being an incredibly hard worker.

And I'm also thankful to all of our frequent contributors, especially James Kendricks, Dave Caolo, Krystian Kozerawski, and Alex Jurgensen, who have added variety and insight to our writing.

We wouldn't be here at all if it weren't for the people and companies who have stepped up as Apple World Today patrons, sponsors, and advertisers. Starting with the latest batch of new patrons and those who have increased their giving, I'd like to send my thanks to everyone who is supporting our endeavors through monthly or one-time contributions:

  • Michael Kitchen
  • Robert Brown
  • William Parnes
  • Gregory Locke
  • Fred Chumbler
  • David Yule
  • Alex Morla
  • Jacob Adams
  • Hank Pepper
  • Brian Wolven
  • Robert Storm
  • Pieter Ruiter
  • Gary Myers
  • Peter
  • John Naulty
  • Russell Skogstad
  • Cyril Rickelton-Abdi
  • Jon Shupeonathan Forsyth
  • Jason Stonehouse

To our current advertisers from Eternal Storms (Yoink) and TenorShare (iPhone Data Recovery), thank you. And to the sponsors we've had so far this year -- especially MacPaw -- we are eternally grateful. 

We'll be back to limited coverage tomorrow with a slew of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.