Ring Menu is an interesting alternative to the Mac OS X Dock

If you want Dock functionality but, for whatever reason, aren't a fan of the Mac OS X Dock itself, The Ring Menu is a handy alternative. 

Available at the Mac App Store for $4.99, it adds a circular menu containing apps, files and folders around the mouse cursor. It also sports a dynamic item zoom that magnifies the items under your mouse cursor. 

If you're a MacBook Pro/Air owner, or use a Magic Trackpad with your desktop Mac, you'll appreciate the fact that Ring Menu also introduces a new gesture to the trackpad of your Mac: the three finger rest. Put three fingers next to each other on the trackpad for a short period of time, and the Ring Menu will appear around the mouse cursor. Several other gestures as well as the option to open Ring Menu using keyboard shortcuts are also available.

The Ring Menu menu can be customized using drag and drop to add new apps, files and folders or to reorder the current menu items. What's more, it comes in six different "flavors" to match a variety of wallpapers and tastes.

The tool was recently revved to version 1.3, adding an Item Collections feature. You can now right click on the Ring Menu background, select "new collection" and enter a name. The latest version also enables control-clicking in addition to right-clicking

Ring Menu requires OS X 10.9 or later. After you install it, cruise on over to ring-menu.com and download the Ring Menu Toolkit app. After installing the toolkit you'll be able to close other applications right from within Ring Menu by right clicking the app icon and selecting "Quit Application." Developer Daniel Schroth had to outsource this functionality into a separate package distributed outside the Mac App Store because the store doesn’t allow this kind of functionality.