More Black Friday goodness from Gazelle, PowerMax, Slickwraps and MacTech

Black Friday. It's enough to make you go crazy, pull out your wallet (or just use Apple Pay), and spend the nest egg. At least you can stretch the nest egg a little bit further thanks to these deals from a number of companies. Let's get started.


Pre-Owned is Still Pretty Awesome!

You probably know as one of the best places to sell a used iPhone, iPad or Mac. But did you ever consider the fact that you can buy top-quality devices from them that are not only in great condition, but also contract-free and subjected to a stringent 30-point certification before they're put on the market? Well, you can! Gazelle is offering everyone 10% off on everything in the store between now and Monday, November 30. Just use that link in the first sentence, head out to, and start shopping; the 10% discount will be applied automatically.


Want to buy a new Mac? PowerMax has some incredible Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on many of your favorite Mac models. How about a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and 2.7 GHz dual-core processor for only $1399 or that 6-core Mac Pro you've always wanted for just $3689? Click this link to check out all of the deals!


If you need a case or wrap for your favorite iDevice right now, there's no better time to grab one than in the eight-hour period between 12 midnight CST on Friday, November 27 and 8 AM CST that morning. Why? Well, Slickwraps is going all out to get your money and give you some money back.

To begin with, all of their products will be priced at 50% off during that period. Next, the first 20 people to make an order when the clock strikes midnight get a crisp new $20 bill thrown into the shipping box. The rest of the boxes will come with a random $100, $20, $5 or $1 bill tossed into the mix. 

But the other cool thing is that you might win a trip to CES 2016 out of all this if you happen to order a Slickwraps product during the Black Friday craziness. Check it all out here. 


Mac professionals know two things very well: the MacTech Conference is one of the best ways of gaining knowledge about OS X and OS X Server, and MacTech Magazine is a solid resource for learning more about their craft. The MacTech team has some deals for you!

First, you can save $700 on the MacTech Conference 2016, to be held in Los Angeles November 16-18., 2016. The pricing ends this weekend, so be sure to take advantage of this deal -- that's almost 50% off the normal conference fee, so you might even be able to buy your airfare with the savings. 

Next, you can get MacTech Magazine in both print and iPad versions for just $29.95. That's a 90% discount, since you'll get 18 issues for $29.95 (not applicable outside the US or Canada). Already a MacTech subscriber? Use this to extend your subscription!

Finally, if you're interested in MacTech and want to see what all the fuss is about without any out-of-pocket expense, you can get three free issues of MacTech on iPad. These are the three past issues of the magazine, but you'll be able to see what a great technical resource it is.