Estimates show iPad Pro will sell more in first three months than total sales of all Microsoft Surface tablets

Apple bloggers aren't the only people fixated on the success or failure of the iPad Pro; investment analysts also keep a sharp eye on supplier reports to estimate how many of the device will be sold. Last week, KGI estimated that Apple would sell about 2.5 million iPad Pros this quarter, and this week, RBC Capital Markets predicts the number will be closer to 1.7 million devices by year-end

Ben Lovejoy at 9to5Mac figures that the 1 million per month sales rate of the iPad Pro means that about 3 million of the plus-sized iPads will be sold in the first three months of sales, exceeding "total sales of the Microsoft Surface tablet range." 

RBC also says that Apple will make about US$200 profit on each iPad Pro, which means that the Pro should generate total profits for the 1st fiscal quarter of 2016 (ending December 31, 2015) of about $340,000,000. Not a bad chunk of change for a device that is having its share of troubles at launch, what with severely constrained supplies of Smart Keyboards and Apple Pencils, not to mention an annoying charging issue that requires a hard reset to fix.