Seasonality is a useful interactive weather map for the new Apple TV

Here in Nashville, TN, we definitely have four seasons — sometimes, as we like t say, all in a week. Thunderstorms are common. Tornados aren’t as rare as we’d like. We even get the occasional ice storm. Needless to say, keeping up with the weather is important for those of us in Music City.

That’s why the $9.99 Seasonality TV app for the new Apple TV is very useful to folks like me. Since Apple doesn’t support MapKit on the set-top box, it’s one of the only apps on the store that offers an interactive weather map. 

Seasonality TV’s polished, easy-to-use interface lets you explore the weather from your couch. You can take a quick glance at the forecast or an in-depth look at the weather as it offers a plethora of weather data including current conditions, a detailed, six-day forecast, and an extensive collection of maps.  

The current conditions view includes a unique sky profile, showing the sky cover and cloud height for up to three layers of clouds.  Forecasts are available for over 65,000 global location.

The base maps in in Seasonality TV are terrain provided by NASA and show different terrain images for every month of the year, allowing you to watch snow coverage and foliage change through the seasons (and we have glorious autumns in Tennessee). On top of the base maps are several layered options including: infrared satellite imagery; radar imagery for the U.S., Canada, and Australia; and a surface temperature map that also shows weather fronts over North America.  

Seasonality TV includes a map with Particle Mode that consists of thousands of animated particles showing the wind as it whirls around the globe. It looks amazing on a TV-sized display.

Seasonality TV is available in the Apple App Store for $9.99, and requires a new Apple TV running tvOS 9 or later. If you need to keep up to date on the local weather conditions, give it a look.