On the road with the Kenu Dualtrip and Airframe+ Car Kit

As the holidays approach, the chances that you will be going over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house (or that of a friend or other relative) are pretty good. With all of our tech gear these days, it's important to do two things; keep it charged and hold the iPhone in place. Kenu has two new products that are just the thing for your holiday drives. The Kenu Dualtrip car charger (US$19.95) launched today, along with the Airframe+ Car Kit ($39.95) that combines the new fast car charger with the company's tried and true car mount.


The Kenu Dualtrip is marketed as an ultra-fast car charger, and with two 2.4 A USB ports, you'll be able to charge your iPad and iPhone at the same time -- quickly. Kenu notes that the design specifically allows the ports and charger to stay cool while doing their job, important in preventing overheating of the device. 

No cables are included with the Dualtrip, meaning that you have your choice of charging whatever you have as long as it has a standard USB plug on one end. Lightning, 30-pin, micro-USB or mini-USB, whatever you have will work with the plugs. 

Airframe+ Car Kit

Of course, you don't want your iPhone just flopping around on your car dashboard, console or floor. So that's where the Airframe+ Car Kit comes into play. This kit combines the Dualtrip with Kenu's Airframe+ portable car mount to provide a very flexible solution to holding and charging the device.

I've used the Airframe+ in my car since it first came out, and it works well with any device with up to a 6-inch screen. While it's too small for the iPad mini, it is perfect for phablets like the iPhone 6s Plus. The back of the Airframe+ uses a patented flexible mount that grips any car air vent. The Airframe+ works especially well in summer months as it keeps the iPhone out of direct sunlight and also keeps it in a constant flow of cool air from the air conditioner. In colder months, you might want to be sure that you keep the heater temperature to a reasonable level or direct the heat to vents that defrost windows and keep your feet warm. That will keep your iPhone from overheating as it sits in front of the air vent.


The Airframe+ has put up with a lot of abuse in my car, and it's well-built. The Dualtrip has worked admirably as a charger for two iPhones during my testing, and Kenu has a reputation for making solid gear. The price point may seem a bit high to some folks, but when balanced against the long life and utility you should get from both accessories, it's worth it.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★