“Help I’ve fallen” and the iPad Pro saves the day

We’ve seen the ads and laughed at the line “help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”! When that happens it’s anything but comical as I discovered first-hand last night.

It was an evening like many others, I was eating dinner while reading a Kindle book on the iPad Pro sitting on the table. Once finished I set about cleaning off the table and while doing so the ceiling fan blew some napkins onto the floor.

I bent over to pick them up and in an instant I had slipped on one of the napkins and was lying flat on my back next to the dining table. I wasn’t injured, just flat out on the floor.

My first reaction was to laugh due to that comical line but after assessing my situation I realized I was in serious trouble. I recently injured my knee and it was in such bad shape it offered no support. After spending 30 minutes trying this and that, I realized the knee was useless. This meant that I was incapable of even getting up on my knees to try to get up. I was truly incapacitated on the floor.

My phone was on a counter across the room, so I was flat on the floor with no means of calling for help. I spent another hour trying to improve that to no avail. I was in the most helpless situation I believe I’ve ever experienced with no apparent means to change that.

I wiggled my way closer to the table and looking up I saw the top of the very tall iPad Pro. It was sitting near the edge of the table nearest me, staring me in the face. Thinking about it for a while it occurred to me that the ability to send text messages could be my savior.

I carefully lunged for the iPad a few times and eventually snagged the front of the keyboard. I yanked it down to the floor, catching it before it hit the carpeted floor.

At that point I was lying on my side on the floor with the giant iPad Pro in front of me. I sent a text message to a neighbor explaining the situation and asking for help. In five minutes two of them showed up and in another five minutes I was up on my feet.

The iPad Pro saved the day, at least the ability to send texts on the iPad did. If I hadn’t been able to grab the tablet I may still be lying on the floor today. I shiver when I think what might have been, and smile that I was reading a book on the iPad Pro while eating dinner.