TrendForce: Apple sees ‘stellar results’ with its new MacBook

The TrendForce research group says laptop sales were ahead of forecast in the third quarter, rising 11 percent from the second quarter to 43.2 million. Apple’s market share put it in fourth place, but its share growth outpaced all of its competition thanks in part to “stellar results” with the new MacBook.

“Apple saw high shipment growth for MacBooks in the third quarter due to strong demand from North America, which is the vendor’s main market,” said Anita Wang, TrendForce notebook analyst. “The new 12-inch MacBook Air that was launched in the second quarter was well received by consumers and also added a new market segment for this product line. Furthermore, there was a surge in shipments of updated MacBook models in the third quarter. These factors resulted in a huge quarterly rise of 19.8% in the overall shipments during this period.”

Apple’s growth rate was 19.8 percent, giving it 11.8 percent of the laptop market, according to TrendForce. HP retained its first-place title in the third quarter shipment ranking of notebooks with a quarterly growth of 10.4 percent. Lenovo maintained its No. 2 position in the ranking with a quarterly growth of 11.1 percent. Dell was number three with third-quarter shipments growing 18.3 percent.