Inspiration strikes, iPhone 6 Plus saves the day

The other day I had lunch with some friends and after they left I had a great idea for a writing project I’m working on. This happens a lot, and even though I didn’t have one of my work systems with me I had all I needed with the iPhone 6 Plus.

I like to be prepared for situations like this so I had carried the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard in a pocket of my cargo pants. This keyboard is so thin and light that I can’t even tell it’s there, ready to step in when needed.

I pulled out the keyboard and the iPhone 6 Plus that’s always with me and in a moment I was oblivious to everything around me. I wrote 800 words in short order.

The screen of the iPhone 6 Plus is big enough for writing, and the Microsoft keyboard let me write as fast as the words would come. My unexpected inspiration was captured without missing a single word. This is why I love mobile tech.